Free-standing soaking bathtub made of white solid surface with an overflow and a decorative solid surface drain; net weight 364 lbs, water capacity 73 gal. Shipping class 5.

W: 70 1/8"

D: 31 5/8"

H: 23 5/8"


Wooden bridge for tubs. Former Codes: TUB03-BR, TUB04-BR, TUB05-BR, TUB08-BR, TUB09-BR, TUB11-BR, TUB12-BR, TUB14-BR, TUB15-BR, TUB16-BR, TUB17-BR. Please specify LACAVA tub (Code: TUBXX). Shipping Class 1.

Prices listed are only applicable when ordered with LACAVA tubs. Custom may be available upon request.

W: 6"

H: 1 1/2"

08 white


16 black


07 walnut



Teak tub bridge. Please specify tub (Code: TUBXX). Shipping Class 1.

TUB15, TUB16, TUB11, TUB17, TUB04, TUB12, TUB14, TUB09, TUB08, TUB05, TUB03.

Pricing listed is only applicable when ordered with LACAVA tubs. Custom may be available upon request.

W: 7"


Bathroom stool made of solid surface. Shipping class 2.

W: 16"

D: 11 3/4"

H: 17"



Floor-standing single-hole tub filler with one lever handle, two-way diverter, swivel spout and hand-held shower with 59-inch flexible hose. Water flow rate: 4.35 gpm at 43.5 psi. Shipping class 2.


H: 45 1/2"

11.1 lbs/5 kg


Free standing under-counter vanity with three drawers, bottom wood shelf and metal frame; pulls included but not installed (installed upon request). Former code: N434L/N434LF and N434R/N434RF.

Countertop NAV-UN-48LT or NAV-UN-48RT and porcelain sink 5452UN sold separately. Shipping class 4.

Prices listed below for wood cabinet and metal frame options MUST BE ADDED UP.

NAV-UN-48L - sink on the left

NAV-UN-48R - sink on the right

W: 47 1/2"

D: 21 3/4"

H: 34 1/4"

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