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Hand shower wall union with a hook for hand-held shower head. Shipping class 1.

W: 1 3/4"

D: 2 3/4"

H: 1 3/4"


Hand-held rectangular shower head with 59-inch flexible hose, rain jet. Shipping class 1.

W: 1 3/8"

D: 5/8"

H: 8"

15TH1.C.R (thermostat+volume)

Built-in thermostatic valve with volume control and round backplate. Water flow rate: 7.1 gpm at 43.5 psi. Rough-in #VTH1.1 and trim #15TH1.C.R-A sold separately. Shipping class 1.


VTH1.1 + 15TH1.C.R-A = 15TH1.C.R


DIAM: 7 1/4"

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