Frequently Asked Questions

Once I place my order, when can I expect delivery?

Most orders for in-stock items that ship UPS ground or Common Carrier (Motor Freight) have a lead time of 5-10 business days. Any order for in-stock items, with expedited shipping (i.e. Next Day Air, 2 Day Air, or 3 Day select), that is received on a regular business day by 2 pm CST, will ship on the same day; otherwise, it will ship on the next business day. We do not currently offer any expedited shipping for large items that ship by motor freight (i.e. vanities and some sinks). All LACAVA orders are shipped from our warehouse in Chicago, IL. The lead time for items that are not in stock at the time when order is placed varies, depending on the item that is being ordered. You will receive a lead time estimate for each backordered item on your order confirmation within 24 hours of placing the order. This lead time estimate will provide you with a two-week window of when we expect the item back in stock. Lead time estimates are subject to change, and if the expected lead time changes while the item is on backorder, you will be notified accordingly. Most orders will ship complete unless it is requested that we ship and backorder.

What are the recommended cleaning and care instructions for LACAVA's woodwork?

Since our wood countertops and vanities are made for use in bathrooms, they are treated with several different sealants and coats to help protect them from moisture and humidity. However, special cleaning and care instructions should be followed to ensure that the finish continues to look new and clean for years to come. The surface should be cleaned with a soft cloth using cleaning agents designated for wood care, such as Pledge, Murphy’s Oil, or soapy water. NEVER use coarse abrasive materials which will scratch and discolor the surface and always avoid using products that contain ammonia or bleach. Prolonged exposure to water can also discolor and damage the wood surface, so wiping the wood surface dry after each use is highly recommended. Damage due to improper cleaning and care will not be accepted as a valid reason for a return or exchange and may void the warranty.

What are the recommended cleaning and care instructions for LACAVA's concrete products?

Our concrete products, including sinks, vanity tops, and shower bases are made for use in wet areas, thus, they are treated with several different sealants and coats to help protect them from moisture and humidity. However, special cleaning and care instructions should be followed to ensure that the finish continues to look new and clean for years to come. Regular cleaning should be done using warm water and mild detergent solution, e.g. dishwashing soap. Any other cleaning agents used should be labeled as safe for sealed concrete products and should be tested in an inconspicuous area first to make sure they do not discolor or damage the surface. After washing the product surface, rinse it with clean water and dry with soft cloth. NEVER use coarse abrasive materials which will scratch and discolor the surface and always avoid using products that contain ammonia, bleach, and acid. Damage due to improper cleaning and care will not be accepted as a valid reason for a return or exchange and may void the warranty.

How is LACAVA's woodwork constructed?

LACAVA's woodwork is 100% handmade in the USA by skilled master craftsmen. The frames and legs of most of our woodwork are made from solid wood; the doors, side panels and countertops are constructed of a veneered select grade multi-layer core board. We do not use solid wood for large side panels or doors, because large flat pieces of solid wood are prone to warping when used in the high humidity environment of most bathrooms. All of LACAVA's woodwork is finished with a polyurethane top coat which makes the finish extremely durable and provides the wood with extra protection from water and humidity. We do not use any laminates or particleboard, typically used in cheap, low quality furniture. In addition, only the highest quality hardware, concealed European hinges and soft closing drawer glides of top brands are used. All of our furniture is available in any of our standard finishes and can be fully customized upon request (please request a quote by fax 773-637-9601 or email).

What are LACAVA's return policies?

If the product is not satisfactory for any reason different from defects, it can be returned to LACAVA LLC up to 30 (thirty) days from the shipping date after obtaining a Return Goods Authorization (RGA). If the product is not returned to LACAVA within that timeframe, the RGA will be voided and no further RGAs will be issued for the product. The merchandise must be in salable condition, in its original packaging, and packed safely with the RGA number clearly marked on the outside packaging. To obtain an RGA number, please fax or email the request with a description of the reason for return. The merchandise must be in its original packaging and packed safely in accordance with the carrier's packing requirements, with the RGA number clearly marked on the outside packaging. LACAVA reserves the right not to issue any credit, if an approved RGA number has not been obtained. A restocking fee of 25 percent and applicable shipping charges to the customer and back will be deducted from the credit amount. Credit (excluding shipping and handling charges) will be given only for returns of intact products up to 30 days from the shipping date. After 30 days from the shipping date, no returns will be accepted. All returned merchandise is at the purchaser's risk and cost. Special order and custom made items are not returnable. Products must be inspected prior to installation and installation of the product means its acceptance. Product, once installed, cannot be returned. Damages occurring in installation are not considered defects and are not subject to return or refund.
LACAVA will replace any defective item for free only after the non-conforming product is safely returned to LACAVA’s warehouse safely in accordance with the carrier's packing requirements, and in its original packaging, within 30 days from the shipping date. If the product is not found to be defective and is damaged in any way, there may be a charge for any replacement. In any case, LACAVA does not cover installation costs.

How do I obtain a Returns Good Authorization (RGA) number?

To obtain an RGA number, please fax or email the request with a description of the reason for return. The merchandise must be in its original packaging and packed safely in accordance with the carrier's packing requirements, with the RGA number clearly marked on the outside packaging. LACAVA reserves the right not to issue any credit, if an approved RGA number has not been obtained.

What type of warranty does LACAVA offer on its products?

LACAVA LLC provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on its faucetry. This warrants any faucet, installed in a residential application, to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer owns his or her home. Any product installed in a commercial application is covered under warranty for one year. LACAVA warrants all other products to be free from any defects in materials or workmanship, during normal residential or commercial use including all hinges, drawer slides, finishes, and general workmanship of the item for a period of one year. LACAVA warranties do not cover normal wear and tear, damages due to negligence, faulty installation, improper alterations and repairs, improper cleaning and care, or damages due to uses of the product other than its intended and normal use. If a defect is found under normal use, while under warranty, LACAVA will repair or replace the product (whichever cost is smaller to LACAVA) at its own expense (excluding shipping and installation charges). Under no circumstances is LACAVA responsible for installation/service fees or any dollar amount beyond the cost of the item. In addition, all LACAVA products are to be installed by experienced professionals properly licensed and bonded; otherwise, any LACAVA warranty and liability is to be considered waived. All warranties are non-transferable and proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more detailed information what our warranties cover.

How do I obtain warranty replacement parts for a LACAVA fixture?

In order to obtain replacement parts for a LACAVA fixture still under warranty, the original purchaser has to send the request in writing, referencing the original purchase order number. Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim.

What are warning labels CALIFORNIA PROP 65?

Starting in August 2018 LACAVA faucet packaging will feature a warning label such as the following for California residents:


This product contains one or more chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Wash hands after installing or removing this product.

For more information, please go to

Why is there a warning label for California residents on LACAVA packaging?

This label is being attached in compliance with the California Safe Water Act of 1986. Many products sold in California are now or very soon will be carrying these labels, including plumbing and home products, tools and even supplements and food products.

California created AB1953 that was signed into law effective January 2010 mandating that all faucets have a lead content of no more than 0.25% weighted average to be considered "lead-free". The purpose of this law was to limit lead levels in faucets to protect consumers. LACAVA adopted this low lead standard well ahead of the legislated deadline as we are committed to producing high quality, safe and sustainable plumbing products.

So, if LACAVA faucets meet and exceeds these low lead regulations, why do we still carry a warning label on our products? While the State of California determined that this level of lead in faucets is safe and will not expose consumers to related health risks, Prop 65 is an additional initiative that seeks to warn California residents of the presence of any substance, even in trace amounts that is known to the State of California to cause adverse health issues.

Does this mean that using our products will cause cancer or birth defects?

Almost all faucets and fittings should now carry the Prop 65 label in California as they include components made with brass, which contain small but detectable amounts of lead, an element included on the Prop 65 chemical list.

Even though a product may be found to contain a Proposition 65-listed chemical, it does not mean that use of the product will cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Nor does it mean that a product is unsafe. Again, all LACAVA products meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable product performance and safety industry standards, as well as the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. We are very confident that there is no health hazard associated with use of our products.

I do not live in California so why is my product being labelled?

Product supply chains can be quite complicated, meaning that we could sell to a distributor in one state which they in turn sell to an end consumer in another state. These warning labels are only required in the state of California. No other US state or Canadian province require similar labels and no federal laws require them. However, the only way to ensure that all product sold in California will be properly labelled is to label all product.

For more information on Proposition 65 Please visit:

Are your products MA code compliant?

Please click the following link to check for MA code compliance.

Do I need to purchase a LACAVA drain with my LACAVA washbasin?

All of LACAVA’s porcelain washbasins are of an Italian design, therefore the size of the drain hole is slightly larger than that of a standard American washbasin. Standard US drains will sit slightly lower in the drain hole but do still typically work properly. A standard sized drain has a diameter of 1 1/4", while all LACAVA drains are slightly oversized with a diameter of 1 1/2" , which is typical of European plumbing. This is why a European sized drain (i.e. item numbers 7100-12, 7100-13, & 7100-16) is recommended but not necessarily required. If a LACAVA faucet is ordered with one of our sinks, then the European drain is included, however if the faucet is ordered by itself, we will include a standard pop-up instead.

What is an overflow and how can I tell if I need a drain with or without overflow holes?

An overflow is a small hole along the inside wall of a sink that prevents water from spilling out of the sink if the drain itself is closed or clogged. The water drains through the overflow channel inside the porcelain until it meets the drain at the bottom of the sink. Thus, a drain with overflow holes is needed when a sink has an overflow, in order for the excess water to drain properly. If the sink does not have an overflow, then a drain without overflow holes would be required to prevent any leaks.

What is the difference between a click-clack drain, grid drain, and pop-up drain?

A click-clack drain (item #7100-16), also called a touch drain, is a domed drain where the user pushes down on the dome to close the drain and pushes it again to open it. Although the grid drain (item #7100-13) looks the same as the click-clack drain, the grid drain does not close and will allow water to drain out at all times. This type of drain is the most commonly used in settings where you do not want the sink to be filled with water, such as in a commercial setting. Grid drains are also recommended for very shallow sinks or sinks without an overflow. The pop-up drain (item #7100-12) opens and closes by attaching its horizontal rod to the pop-up rod found on the back of most deck-mounted faucets. If the faucet does not have a pop-up rod, then the pop-up drain would operate by lifting and lowering its handle below the sink. This drain can only be used with sinks that have an overflow.

What is the difference between a thermostatic valve, stop valve, and mixer?

A thermostatic valve controls temperature only and cannot control volume or shut off the water in any way. Typically this valve would be used in combination with one or several stop (volume) valves. A stop valve, also called a volume control or volume valve, only controls the flow of the water and does not control temperature. Typically, stop valves are used in combination with a thermostatic valve, so that several different functions (i.e. showerhead, hand shower, and tub spout) can be turned on at the same time if needed, and at the same temperature. Also, one stop valve can be used to control the hot water and one for the cold water, in which case the user can set the desired temperature by simply adjusting each handle. In this application, no thermostatic valve would be needed, since hot and cold water are each set using their designated handle.

A single-lever mixer controls both temperature and volume in one handle. Usually the handle would move up and down to control volume and would swivel left and right for hot and cold. Sometimes, single-lever mixers also have an integrated two-way diverter, so that the water flow can be switched from one fixture to the next (i.e. from tub spout to showerhead). Some single-lever mixers are also pressure balanced, which means that the valve maintains constant temperature of the flowing water, no matter what the difference in pressure between the hot and cold water supply. This allows the valve to keep the water at a certain temperature and prevents anyone from being hit with a blast of cold or hot water, should the pressures change at all. If the mixer is not pressure-balanced, then it is suggested (and required in many areas) that it be installed in combination with a Remote Pressure Balancing Valve (RPBV).

What is a vessel lavatory?

A vessel lavatory, also called an above-counter sink, can be installed on top of a countertop or some can also be used as the actual top of a vanity base, which would typically provide the storage space in this application. Most have a finished exterior and work well with wall-mounted faucets, although many vessel sinks can also accommodate a deck-mounted faucet. To see recommended installation instruction, you can click here.

What is a wall-mount lavatory?

A wall-mount lavatory gets mounted directly onto the wall of your bathroom using mounting bolts or brackets (which are provided with any LACAVA washbasin). One of the advantages of these sinks is that they take up very little space, making them perfect for small bathrooms or powder rooms. Although these sinks do not have any storage space themselves, they typically leave plenty of room for cabinetry or shelves. In addition, they provide barrier free access, making them perfect for children and those in wheelchairs. Many wall-mount sinks can also be used as a vessel lavatories. To see recommended installation instructions, you can click here.

What is a self-rimming or semi-recessed lavatory?

A drop-in lavatory, also called a self-rimming sink, has a finished lip that allows part of the sink to sit above the countertop. These sinks usually have a partially finished exterior, since some of it is exposed, while the other part is hidden below the countertop. A semi-recessed sinks have a similar installation, however they sit on the very front edge of the mounting surface, so only the back portion of the sink gets dropped in, while the front part overhangs the countertop. To see recommended installation instructions, you can click here.

What is an undercounter lavatory?

An undercounter lavatory gets attached to the underside of a countertop with under-mounting clips, leaving only the interior of the sink exposed. These sinks are easy to clean and work well with most vanities that have stone countertops. Usually, the countertop has a cutout made that has slightly smaller dimensions than the sink, which allows the countertop to have a slight overhang. To see recommended installation instructions, you can click here.

What is "solid surface" and how does it differ from porcelain?

Solid suface is a manufactured resin material and is extremely durable and versatile when compared to other materials that are commonly used in the bathroom. Solid surface is chemical, stain, scratch and impact resistant under normal bathroom use conditions; the material is also non-porous and consistent in color and composition and minor damages can be repaired. In contrast, porcelain products cannot typically be repaired once damaged, although porcelain does usually have a brighter and shinier finish. Solid surface is renewable and more resistant to bacteria and fungal growth.

What is the maintenance, care, and repair for solid surface?

Although solid surface is resistant to chemicals, staining, scratch and impact exposure under normal bathroom use conditions; the material is not impossible to damage. To prevent damage to the solid surface material, hot objects and open flame, like curling irons, burning cigarettes, etc., should not be placed in direct contact with the surface. Do not use harsh chemical compounds and liquids on the solid surface material, e.g. nail polish or paint removers or solvents, hair coloring products. If exposure occurs, wipe the area immediately and clean with water thoroughly. Placing sharp objects, like scissors, raisers, knifes should be done with care, not to cause cutting marks and abrasion to the surface. Hot water alone will not damage the solid surface material, but extreme and rapid temperature changes between boiling and freezing might cause cracking or warping. Minor scratches or stains that might occur in the solid surface material can be buffed out and then the surface can be repolished back to its original finish - we provide solid surface repair kit as needed. Please follow the repair steps-by-step instructions provided with the kit.

How can porcelain and solid surface be cleaned?

To keep your porcelain and solid surface fixtures looking new, it is important to regularly/weekly clean them with gentle cleaning products. Abrasive cleaning agents, including scrubbing powders, highly acidic cleaners, e.g. white vinegar, steel wool, etc., should NEVER be used as they cause damage to the surface resulting in stains, hairline cracks, and dull surface.
For regular weekly cleaning, it is best to use a solution of water and dish soap. Apply the solution to the surface and scrub with soft rag or non-abrasive sponge. Rinse well and dry with towel.
For removing a large build-up of soap and water deposits, a mixture of baking soda and ammonia dissolved in water can be used. Overusing baking soda may dull the surface, so it should be used sparingly only when deep cleaning is necessary. The surface of the fixture should be soaked and scrubbed with the solution using a non-abrasive sponge or rag until all deposits are removed. Rinse well and dry with towel to remove a powdery residue that may remain on the surface after using baking soda.

Black scuff marks and other tougher stain can be buffed up using mild abrasives for stains, specifically Bar Keepers Friend or Bon Ami. A paste made of the powder mixed with water should be vigorously rubbed into the stained area until the stain is gone. Rinse well and dry with towel.

Prevailing rust stains can be taken out with table salt and lemon juice mixture. Lemon juice, however, is acidic and may cause damage to the porcelain surface if overused. After scrubbing the stained area with the mixture, it should be rinsed well and dried with towel.

The shiny surface of porcelain can be preserved by using a protective coating of lemon oil. Rubbing the oil onto the surface with a clean cloth will create a dirt-repellent film. Any surfaces that may cause slipping and injury, for instance the bottom of the tub, should never be treated this way.

Is a sink cut out provided with a LACAVA vanity?

Typically, a sink cut out is needed for most wooden countertops and can often be performed on the job site. However, upon request, LACAVA can provide the sink cut out on a vanity only if a specific location and size is specified at the time of order. The cutout is provided for free if the vanity is ordered with one of our washbasins; otherwise, there would be a $50 service charge. Some of our stone tops come with a cutout, since they are made for use with one specific LACAVA sink. Having one of these tops made with an alternative cutout or no cutout would be considered a custom job.

How can excessive splashing from a faucet be prevented or corrected?

In some applications a specific sink and faucet combination can result in excessive splashing when the water hits the bottom of the sink. The most common reason for this is when a shallow sink is paired with a faucet that is too tall, is wall-mounted too high, or puts out too much water. Faucets can have many different flow rates from water saving rates of less than 2.5 GPM to waterfall faucets that have a flow rate upwards of 6 GPM. Normally, a standard sized faucet with a relatively low flow rate and aerator would be preferred when using a sink with a depth of less than 4". An aerator allows the water to fall softly when it hits the sink and can make a big difference if there is a splashing problem. If a wall-mounted faucet is used, it should be mounted no higher than 4" above the edge of the sink, particularly if the sink is shallow and/or a waterfall faucet (or faucet with no aerator) is being used. There are companies that manufacture inline flow restrictors, which can lower the flow rate of any given faucet. Some of LACAVA high water output faucets have available flow restrictors. Usually sinks with a depth of over 6" do not have a problem with splashing and can accommodate most faucets.

Can LACAVA's furniture be customized?

Since all our furniture is made locally in Chicago, we have the unique ability to customize any of our woodwork. Any feature of our furniture can be customized including, but not limited to basic dimensional changes, custom finishes, adding or subtracting doors & drawers, and even creating completely new custom items. Typically the lead time for custom woodwork & metalwork is 6-8 weeks. Please remit a custom quote request by fax or email for more information. Please review the process of ordering customer furniture here: ORDERING CUSTOM FURNITURE.

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